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Assess your recordkeeping practices

A tool for Victorian public offices to assess their recordkeeping practices against the PROV Standards and progressively improve.

About RKAT

This tool enables organisations to assess their recordkeeping maturity against the Standards set by the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV). To comply with the Public Records Act 1973, Victorian public offices must meet the PROV Standards.

The tool can be used to assess different aspects or areas of the organisation, against the six PROV Standards.

RKAT should be part of a regular assessment, reporting and improvement program. It can be used repeatedly over time to check progress and demonstrate improvement.

For example, an organisation may decide to assess the whole organisation every year and each business unit every three years.

When an assessment is completed and submitted, you will receive a full report and a summary report.

Who should use RKAT?

The Victorian public offices which must meet PROV Standards should use the tool to check their level of compliance against the PROV Standards and identify areas for improvement.

Other organisations are welcome to use the tool to help them assess and improve their recordkeeping.

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